Our dynamic, agile process ensures that all software we develop matches your requirements.

No job is too big or small – whether it’s modifying an old system to bring it up to date, or creating a new solution from scratch, our team has the skill and experience to make it happen.

Our strength is our communication skills – we will keep you informed at all stages and always respond to you within minutes – not hours, days or weeks.

We will lead you through the software development life-cycle ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

The following process applies to almost every job we do.  Sometimes stages take one meeting, sometimes they take a few, but taking it step by step ensures that decisions are not rushed and made with the best possible judgement.

1. Introductory meetings

    • We tell you what we do.
    • You tell us what you are looking for.
    • We consider some possibilities.
    • You let us know when you are ready to go further.

2. Initial analysis

    • Involves all stakeholders.
    • Discussions include;
      • Requirements
      • Features
      • Examples
      • Process
      • Development
      • Delivery
      • Risks
      • Budget

3. Scoping

    • We present you with a scope document for the project which may include several options.
    • We meet to go through the document ensuring we are all on the same cage.
    • We revise the scope document if necessary.
    • Once agreed upon, we commence work.

4. Creation of planning documents

    • We work with your content experts to create the planning documents.
    • We create templates which will allow your experts to communicate what is required to our experts in the simplest possible way.

5. Development and review process

    • We develop in a logical sequence, submitting each step of the sequence to you for approval before continuing.
    • We keep in constant communication with you throughout the process, ensuring no surprises.

6. Testing

    • We  perform;
      • Accessibility testing
      • Alpha testing
      • Compatibility testing
      • Destructive testing
      • Development testing
      • Functional testing
      • Installation testing
      • Localisation testing
      • Non-functional testing
      • Performance testing
      • Security testing
      • Usability testing
    • We then ask you to perform testing too, also known as beta or user acceptance testing.

7. Final development

    • We take all of the feedback from testing on board.
    • We squash the bugs.
    • We make any desired changes.

8. Deployment

    • We deliver the final product.
    • Once approved, we publish if required.
    • We provide you with full documentation.

9. Support & Maintenance

    • Depending on your requirements, you may require a support and maintenance contract.
    • We provide free support for any issues which fall within the scope document.
    • Any further issues can be dealt with at the same reasonable hourly rate that was paid for the job – not an exorbitant extra fee.