lasys (Learning Analytics System) is learning administration and analytics software we have developed in house to plug into our online learning.

It can be easily integrated with any online learning modules to provide more advanced user management and statistics than traditional LMSs.

lasys empowers instructors by providing them with live feedback, allowing for a true blended learning approach.

The dashboard allows for easy management of students and groups.  Students are given a code to sign up with, which automatically adds them to the correct group(class).


Any data can be sent to the system from online learning modules.   A basic example is attendance/completion.


Data can be shown in a range of ways to empower instructors.


Here is a photo of a blended session in action at University of Melbourne.

  1. Students complete the first part of the simulation at home, online.
  2. They then come into class where a teacher has data on what decisions they have made and can facilitate a discussion.
  3. They then do part of the simulation as a group.  As the group all make individual decisions on their computers, the instructor is able to put graphs of this data up on the big screen to once again facilitate discussion.
  4. They repeat this process until the simulation is complete.
  5. They then reflect, once again the teacher can show advanced analytics of the session to help explain larger concepts.
  6. Students are then able to repeat the simulation as often as they like.