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Simulation Congress 2017 wrap

It was a great pleasure and privilege to be part of the organising committee (as Serious Games Convenor) for the 2017 Simulation Congress held in Sydney last week.

Thank you to the very competent and experienced members of the organising committee (Phil, Jess, Cyle and Anjum) for being so welcoming, helpful and patient with me as I learned the ropes.

Congratulations to the two winners of the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge – Opaque Space and Boxhead Productions.

Here is a picture of myself, Emre Deniz from Opaque Space (industry winner), Scott Cabot from Boxhead (indie winner), and Mike Gernhadt from NASA (and space!)

Good luck for the global challenge at I/ITSEC guys!

Thanks to everybody who came to the conference and took part in the SGSCA.  See you again in 2019.