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Support Directory

Oztron is proud to be a partner in a new website for all Australians requiring support, Support Directory.

Launched at the ‘Our Choice Expo’ of the Geelong ‘Having a Say’ disability conference, Support Directory is Australia’s leading directory for disability and aged care support services.

SupportDirectory ( is Australia’s brand new free online services directory for locating Australian health, disability and home support services making it easier for people to find the support they want to live at their best.

The directory was launched at the recent ‘Our Choice Expo’ of the Geelong ‘Having a Say’ disability conference.

SupportDirectory’s Paul Staubli stated that the ‘Our Choice Expo’ of the Geelong ‘Having a Say’ disability conference was chosen to launch SupportDirectory in order to give people confidence that old models of support funding are being replaced with new models providing real choice. Now they will have the tools they need to exercise that choice.

“We believe it’s the start of a new era of opportunity, choice and control for the people in our communities who need support,” continued Staubli, “and it’s a new world of challenge and competition for the agencies which have to join the revolution to stay relevant in a consumer-directed marketplace.”

  • SupportDirectory provides accurate, up-to-date information and a level playing field for all users:
  • it’s built to the latest access and usability standards with special features to assist older people and those living with a disability;
  • use of the site is entirely free of charge for the public and for all supplier listings;
  • the search function prioritises verified (personally checked) listings to ensure accurate and up-to-date information;
  • listings highlight organisations with current certifications for specialised services;
  • there are no hidden priority search functions – SupportDirectory presents all available search results by either alphabetical order or proximity of location.

“For years the old funding models have taken money out of the pockets of our most disadvantaged people to pay agency overheads without meeting people’s fundamental right to choice and control,” states Staubli. “Consumer-directed care is going to revolutionise support funding and spending in this country, but people have a right to choice now and we have the technology and the will to make a difference, today.”

The directory enables all Australians to find something better, whether they require personal care or support for living independently, aids and equipment for injury or disability, assisted transport and opportunities for activities and leisure, products and services for personal fitness and well-being, or information on advocacy, management of supports, or government and charitable support programs.

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