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Oztron wins Grand Prize in the Australia-New Zealand Serious Games Showcase & Challenge at Simtect/Simhealth 2013

Oztron Media was awarded the Grand Prize in the 2013 Australia-New Zealand Serious Games Showcase and Challengeat the Simulation Australia Annual Awards Dinner in Brisbane last night.

The winning project was called The Whitecard Game and was a collaborative effort between Oztron Media and Victoria University, with support from the National VET E-learning Strategy.

It’s an honour to have our work recognised by our peers in the serious games and simulation industry.

We would like to thank Mark O’Rourke, Stefan Schutt, Daniel Bonnici, Justin Maddy and Mark Courtney from Victoria University.  Their vision and patience over the past 5 years has allowed us to develop a game which is now in use all over the country.

Also congratulations to the Oztron Media crew – Craig Poole, Justin Blackwell, Sean Slevin, Tung Nguyen and Ralph Rosa. These guys work incredibly hard to create big projects on small budgets.

The Whitecard Game is now an automatic entrant as the Australian representative in the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Competition held at I/ITSEC, Orlando in December 2013.