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The Whitecard Game

We have recently completed development of The Whitecard Game – a collaboration between Victoria University and Oztron which was supported by the National Vet E-learning Strategy.
The game covers hazard identification, reporting and control on a simulated work site.  It is currently being trialled at a range of training organisations including Victoria University School of Construction in Newport.
It is free and can be downloaded from  The file is around 260mb.

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The Lab – A technology club for young people with Aspergers

Over the past few months myself and a colleague at Victoria University, Stefan Schutt, have been working on a new idea for an after school drop in centre for young people with Asperger’s Syndrome. This idea has stemmed from our previous Connected Lives project where we found that we were able to use technology in a very positive way with many children with Asperger’s.

There is a blog following the project here, which will both be housed in and share staff with Oztron and our virtual world projects.

Last week we were fortunate enough to have a journalist(Natalie Craig) and photographer(Craig Sillitoe) from The Age newspaper here in Melbourne, come to look at what we have been doing and are planning to do. Thanks to Daniel Clarke from VU for organising it.

The page was translated for a Chinese paper the next morning;
and also created quite a bit of chatter on Twitter.
A couple of days later Sam Varghese from ITwire also did a story about the Lab;
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Vicroads Virtual Worlds Lab

On July first 2010 we helped Mandy Salomon facilitate a ‘Virtual Worlds Lab‘ at Swinburne University for Vicroads. The aim of the day was to explore the future potential of virtual worlds. After some initial discussions, participants created ‘avatars’ and were able to experience life in a virtual environment, exploring, designing, and socialising. They were then able to attend a virtual conference and tour by the CIO of the City of Edmonton in Canada, Chris Moore.
The full blog for the day can be found here.